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heinlein quote

Stiles Stilinski and the Lupine Amulet

Title: Stiles Stilinski and the Lupine Amulet

Rating: Mature for graphic depictions of violence

Summary: Take the Teen Wolf kids and put them in Harry Potter's world. See what happens.

Snippet: A howl shredded the eerie calm around them and Stiles jerked. He whirled in place, trying to keep his hands on Scott’s wound while looking for the werewolf. When the creature didn’t reappear, Stiles forced his heart back into his chest. And then he saw a figure crest the ravine.

It wasn’t the werewolf. It was a wolf wolf. Legit, the largest, hugest wolf Stiles had ever seen in his life. Stiles dug his fingers into Scott’s skin as the wolf slipped down the ravine towards them. The bat was next to the fire, well out of reach, and Stiles didn’t have anything to defend himself with. Maybe if he held his breath and didn’t move, it wouldn’t see him-

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